Our obligations

We want to make sure Centrepay is working in the best way for you.

We provide you and businesses with access to use Centrepay.

What we do

We want to make sure Centrepay is working in the best way for you.

Information and education about Centrepay and its operations

We provide and maintain the policy and terms for how Centrepay works and how it’s used by you and businesses.

Please read the Centrepay policy and terms.

Assessing businesses who apply for Centrepay

We decide which businesses can use Centrepay for its customers.

We use a strict agreement process. We only allow businesses who agree to act in accordance with the Centrepay policy and terms.

Please read the Centrepay policy and terms.

Protecting your consumer rights

We work closely with organisations who are responsible for protecting your consumer rights.

If you have concerns about the quality of goods and services you get using Centrepay, let us know. We’ll investigate your concern or complaint and refer it to the:

  • business
  • relevant regulatory body, or
  • consumer assistance organisation

Making sure businesses use Centrepay correctly

We make sure businesses we’ve approved for Centrepay are doing the right thing. We:

  • do checks and reviews on businesses
  • act if we find out a business is not using Centrepay correctly
  • follow up any of your complaints or feedback about Centrepay

Improving Centrepay

We’re committed to improving Centrepay. If you have any suggestions let us know. We welcome your feedback.

What we don’t do

We aren’t responsible for the goods or services that a business provides to you.

We also don’t in any way endorse the business or its goods and services.

Page last updated: 12 May 2018