Child Care Benefit


Your options and obligations for Child Care Benefit.


Information you need to know if you received Child Care Benefit throughout the 2017-18 financial year.

If you received Child Care Benefit throughout the year, we’ll start balancing your payments from Monday 23 July 2018.

Read more about balancing your family assistance payments.

Registered child care providers

Families can claim Child Care Benefit for care provided by registered carers before 2 July 2018.

Child Care Benefit stopped on 1 July 2018. From 2 July, we won’t pay child care fee assistance for registered care. Families can only claim Child Care Subsidy for approved care after this date.

Registered care is child care provided by individuals who we have approved as registered carers.

We don’t pay Child Care Rebate for registered care.

Registered carers are individuals such as relatives, friends, neighbours or nannies. It can also include individual carers in some organisations that aren't able to offer Child Care Benefit for approved care. These organisations may include:

  • preschools
  • kindergartens
  • some outside school hours services, including before and after school care, vacation care and holiday programs, and
  • some occasional care centres

To become a registered carer you must:

  • provide care to 1 or more children on a regular basis, and
  • be 18 or over, or
  • be under 18 and have relevant qualifications in child care, home based help, or as a nanny

Requirements for working with children

As a registered carer you may need to meet certain requirements. These may include:

  • criminal checks
  • Working With Children Check, or
  • Blue cards or other requirements as specified by your state or territory

Contact your state’s regulatory authority as listed on the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority website.

Issuing receipts

You should continue to issue receipts to families for care you provide before 2 July. This is so they can finalise their claims. Don’t issue receipts for Child Care Subsidy claiming purposes. It isn’t available for registered care.

As a registered carer, you need to issue valid receipts to the person who pays for the child care.

We provide printed receipt books free of charge. You can order these receipt books once we have approved your application and we send you your Carer Reference Number.

You can also use your own receipts. These can be either handwritten in blue or black pen or computer generated. Please include on the receipts:

  • your Carer Reference Number
  • your name, address and the full name of the child you cared for
  • the full name of the person who paid for the child care
  • details for each week of care, including hours and amount paid
  • an indication that you have received payment for the care, and
  • your signature and the date

If you're an individual providing care in an organisation, your organisation can issue receipts on your behalf. These must contain the above information, including your Carer Reference Number and signature. We will accept an electronic signature.

A third party may sign on your behalf. They must clearly write on the receipt that they are signing on your behalf.

You can only issue a receipt for periods of care that you have already provided and received payment for. You must not issue receipts for care that is part of a compulsory education program such as primary school. If you provide care for a child outside of school hours, you can only issue a receipt for those hours.

You can't issue receipts for your own child if you're the registered carer. Another registered carer will need to provide care to your child and issue the receipts.

Page last updated: 7 September 2018