Child Care Benefit

Absences and Child Care Benefit

Your Child Care Benefit may still be paid if you're charged for child care when your child is absent.

Approved care

These absence rules also apply to Child Care Rebate and Jobs, Education and Training (JET) Child Care Fee Assistance.

Child Care Benefit is paid for each child for up to 42 absences per financial year. This includes absences from all approved child care services your child attends except for occasional care. These absence days can be taken for any reason and no evidence is required.

If your child is absent for any days for which you normally wouldn’t have been paid Child Care Benefit or Child Care Rebate:

  • you won’t be eligible for any child care payments for those days, and
  • the days won’t be included in your child’s absence count for the year

For example, if your child care service requires you to give 2 weeks’ notice that your child will no longer attend their service, and your child attends the first week of the notice period and not the second week, you may still be charged fees for the second week but won’t be eligible for child care payments.

A public holiday is counted as an absence if the child normally attends the child care service on that week day, and fees are charged for that day for the child.

You can also be paid for additional absences beyond the 42 days for certain reasons. There is no limit on these days, but supporting documentation may be required. Talk to your child care service about additional absence information and any supporting document requirements.

You won't be paid Child Care Benefit, Child Care Rebate and JET Child Care Fee Assistance for absences if your child uses more than 42 absence days for the financial year and doesn't meet the conditions for additional absences.

For occasional care, there's no limit on the number of absences if the child care has been paid for.

You can access your child's absence record or view their child care attendance online statement for approved care using your Centrelink online account through myGov.

Registered care

There is no absence limit for registered care, providing eligibility requirements continue to be met for any period of absence, and the care has been paid for.

Page last updated: 12 May 2018