Child Care Subsidy

Who can get it

To get Child Care Subsidy you need to meet certain criteria.

We’ll pay this subsidy directly to your child care provider to reduce the fees you pay.

You may be eligible if you or your partner:

  • care for your child at least 2 nights per fortnight, or have 14% care
  • are liable for fees for care provided at an approved child care service, and
  • meet the residency rules

Your child must also:

If your child attends secondary school, you may still be eligible if they are:

  • 13 or under, or
  • 14 to 18 with disability

In these circumstances, you must provide evidence as to why your child can't be unsupervised. You also need to confirm an adult is unable to care for the child during this time. 

Each person that is liable to pay child care fees will need to apply for this subsidy. To be eligible, each person needs to meet these criteria.

What extra support is available

Some families can get Additional Child Care Subsidy. We pay it on top of Child Care Subsidy to provide extra support with child care fees.

There are 3 different types of Additional Child Care Subsidy that you can apply for.

Read more about Additional Child Care Subsidy.

What is an approved child care service

Approved child care services have Australian Government approval to get Child Care Subsidy on your behalf to reduce your child care fees. Approved child care includes:

  • Centre Based Day Care, including long day care and occasional care
  • Family Day Care
  • Outside School Hours Care, including before, after and vacation care
  • In Home Care

In Home Care

You can get these subsidies for In Home Care. You need to meet all eligibility criteria for Child Care Subsidy as well as extra criteria. You can read more about In Home Care on the Department of Education and Training website.

Page last updated: 1 August 2018