Child Care Subsidy

If your child is absent from child care

We may still pay Child Care Subsidy if you're charged for child care when your child is absent.

We pay this subsidy for up to 42 absences for each child per financial year. You can use these absence days for any reason, including if the child is overseas. We don’t require evidence.

We only count absent days if you would have otherwise received Child Care Subsidy on that day. This includes public holidays.

In special circumstances, we may subsidise your child care fees beyond the 42 days. Talk to your child care service about this and any supporting document requirements.

We’ll cancel your enrolment details in our system if your child has not attended child care for 8 continuous weeks. If we do this, we’ll stop paying your subsidy. Read more about if we cancel your enrolment details.

Page last updated: 1 November 2018