When you’ll get it

When we pay you depends on the start date you nominate and when we finalise your claim. Your start date is not the date you’ll get your first payment.

Nominating a start date

When you submit your claim, you nominate a start date for your Dad and Partner Pay entitlement period. Keep in mind, the start date isn’t the date you'll get your payment.

Your start date can be either:

  • the day of your child's birth or adoption
  • another date within the year following your child’s birth or adoption.

To get the full 2 weeks, you must nominate a start date that’s at least 14 days before either:

  • your child’s first birthday
  • the first anniversary of the date the child came into your care.

Changing the start date

After you submit your claim, you may ask to change the Dad and Partner Pay period start date.

If we’ve assessed your claim

You can change the start date by:

  1. Signing in to your Centrelink online account through myGov
  2. Selecting My Family from the menu, then Paid Parental Leave, then Dad and Partner Pay circumstances.

If we haven’t assessed your claim

You can change it by calling the Families line.

Getting your payment

You or your partner need to provide proof of birth or adoption so we can finalise your claim.

We’ll write to you when your claim is finalised. Read more about claiming Dad and Partner Pay.

If we finalise your claim before your start date, we’ll pay you when your Dad and Partner Pay period begins. You’ll get the payment within a few days of your start date. 

If your claim is finalised after the start date you nominated, we’ll pay you after we finalise your claim.

We’ll pay you in 1 instalment into your nominated bank account.

Page last updated: 15 April 2019