Disability Support Pension

Participation requirements

You may need to participate in activities to help you find and keep work if you’re getting Disability Support Pension.

Participation requirements

You may need to attend participation interviews and agree to a participation plan if:

  • you’re under 35 years of age
  • we’ve assessed you can work 8 or more hours per week, and
  • you don’t have a dependent child under 6 years of age

We may not ask you to participate in these activities if:

  • you’re 35 years of age or over
  • we assess you as meeting the manifest eligibility rules such as permanent blindness, or
  • you work under the Supported Wage System or in an Australian Disability Enterprise

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Participation interviews

We’ll meet with you every:

  • 3 months for the first 18 months, then
  • 6 months until you turn 35 years of age

At the interview

At the interview, we’ll talk with you about:

  • your circumstances
  • what you want to achieve in the future
  • local support services to help you to prepare for and find work, and
  • a personalised participation plan

When you come to your interview, bring details of any work or study you’re doing. You can also bring a relative, friend or an advocate for support, if you want.

Participation plan

We’ll help you develop a participation plan. It must include at least 1 compulsory activity such as:

  • meeting with an Employment Services Provider
  • work experience
  • education or training if you’re under 22 years of age
  • rehabilitation or treatment, or
  • a reconnection to a work activity if you have a mental health condition

Your payment

To keep getting DSP you must:

  • go to all your interviews
  • sign your participation plan, and
  • do the compulsory activity in your plan

Tell us if you can’t do these things. Call us if you need extra help to attend your interviews.

If your medical condition changes

If you give us medical evidence showing your condition has changed, we may send you for an Employment Services Assessment. This will help us work out how the changes affect your participation needs and what help you need to find and keep work.

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