Early release of superannuation

A way to get some of your super before retirement age only if there are compassionate grounds.

Early release of super is only for unpaid costs. You can’t get it if you’ve already paid – even if you used a loan, a credit card or money from family or friends.


Who can apply

You can only apply to get your superannuation released early for a few reasons.

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Financial impact

If you release your superannuation early, it may impact the amount of other payments you get.

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Grounds for early release

You normally can’t use your super until you reach preservation age. In rare cases your super fund may let you have some of the money early.

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Early release of super to help a dependant

You can apply for early release of super to help your partner, child or other dependant. It must be for compassionate grounds.

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Compassionate grounds

About compassionate grounds

We can approve early release of some super if you have compassionate grounds for needing it.

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You may be able to get early release of super to pay for medical treatment or travel to medical treatment.

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You may be able to get early release of super if a lender threatens to sell your home.

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If you have a severe disability you may be able to get early release of super to modify your home or car or buy disability aids.

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Palliative care

You may be able to get early release of super to pay for palliative care.

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You may be able to get early release of super to pay for a partner, child or other dependent's funeral.

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Before you start, check:

  • who to apply to
  • if you’re eligible

To apply to your super fund, contact them directly.

To apply to us:

  • find out what you need
  • fill in your form
  • submit your form and documents
  • wait for us to tell you the result



Contact us

Call the early release of super line between 9 am and 5 pm AEST, Monday to Friday.

Call the Multilingual Phone Service to speak with a skilled bilingual service officer.

If you have a hearing or speech impairment, call the TTY service.

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Page last updated: 13 October 2017