Early release of superannuation


How you apply depends on the reason you need to release your superannuation early.

Applying under a compassionate ground

If you want your superannuation early for a compassionate ground you need to contact the Australian Taxation Office.

Applying for another reason

If you want to release your superannuation early for any other reason, you should contact your superannuation fund first. For example because you’re in severe financial hardship. They may ask you to get information from us. If they do you should contact us.

Already applied to us

If you applied to us on compassionate grounds before 1 July 2018, we will make a decision on your application. We’ll send you a letter saying if we approve the early release or why we haven’t. Depending on how you’ve chosen to get letters, we’ll post it or send the letter to your myGov Inbox.

This can take up to 28 days after you apply.

If you think our decision was wrong

If we made the decision on your application you can request we review our decision. This is if you think we made a mistake.

You have 14 days from the date on our decision letter to submit an Early Release of Superannuation Benefits on Compassionate Grounds – Request for a review of a decision form. You can submit the form online or post it to:

Department of Human Services
Early Release of Superannuation Benefits
PO Box 7832

If you think the appeal decision was wrong

You can ask the Commonwealth Ombudsman to review it. But they can’t order us to change our decision.

If you didn’t get all your documents to us in time

You’ll need to submit a new application to the Australian Taxation Office.

If you want another early release of superannuation

You’ll need to submit a new application to the Australian Taxation Office.

Page last updated: 26 July 2018