Electronic Verification of Rent

A service where your community housing organisation or supported accommodation provider verifies your rent details and updates us when your rent changes.

Who can use it

There is a range of organisations that can use the Electronic Verification of Rent (EVoR) service. This includes:

  • community housing organisations, and
  • supported accommodation providers such as:
    • lifestyle accommodation
    • retirement homes
    • hospice, and
    • nursing homes

How it works

To get started, ask your community housing organisation or supported accommodation provider if they use the EVoR service.

If they use the EVoR service

  1. Ask them to help you fill out a consent form.
  2. They’ll verify and update your rent amount details with us using the EVoR service.
  3. We’ll send you a letter letting you know when we have updated your rent amount details.

If they use the EVoR service, it means:

  • you get the right amount of Rent Assistance with your Centrelink payment, and
  • you don’t have to give us a Rent Certificate when your rent changes

You should always check the rent details we have for you are right. If not, contact your community housing organisation or supported accommodation provider so they can fix it and send us your updated rent details.

If they don’t use the EVoR service

If they don’t use the EVoR service, you’ll need to verify your rent details and tell us about any rent changes yourself.

Tell us about changes

Organisations will only tell us about changes to your rent amount. You still need to tell us if any other circumstances change. Tell us if:

  • you change your address
  • you take in a sub-tenant, boarder or lodger
  • you become partnered, or separate from your partner
  • your income changes
  • children leave home or return to live with you
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