Express Plus Lite mobile app

Report your income in your language using the Express Plus Lite mobile app. You still need the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app to do everything else.

Get started

  1. Register for a Centrelink online account if you don’t have one.You need to do this if you want to use the Express Plus Lite app.

    You must have your Centrelink Reference Number (CRN) to register for an online account. Your CRN is on a letter we’ve sent you. It’s also on your Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card, if you have one. If you don't have a CRN or don’t know it, call us. We’ll ask you some questions to confirm your identity, and then help you with your CRN.

    Read our register for a Centrelink online account to access the Express Plus Lite guide.

  2. Download the Express Plus Lite app for your device.

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  3. Sign in with your Customer Access Number (CAN) and password.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions.
  5. Answer your secret question to set up your 4 digit PIN.

To download to an iPad, change your search to iPhone only in the App Store.

The 4 digit PIN you use for this app is different to your myGov PIN

Device permissions

For the mobile app to work we need permission to access your:

  • device location - this allows your location to be mapped to the nearest Centrelink office
  • calendar - this allows Centrelink appointments to be stored in your device’s calendar
  • phone number - this allows you to contact us while using the app

Use the Express Plus Lite mobile app

Use the Express Plus Lite mobile app to report employment income.

You can report your income in English or:

We keep your details safe. Read about your right to privacy.


The Express Plus Lite mobile app is only available on:

  • Apple devices with iOS 5 or later
  • Android devices with 2.3.3 or later

If the operating system on your device is not up to date you can:

These apps are not available for Windows devices.

Reset your PIN

Follow these steps if you need to reset your PIN.

  1. Select Reset PIN? from the PIN prompt screen.
  2. You’ll get the message: Are you sure you want to reset your PIN? Select YES.
  3. At the title screen select Start now.
  4. You’ll go to the Terms and Conditions. Read them and select I Accept. This will take you to the login screen.
  5. Enter your Centrelink Access Number (CAN) and online account password at the login screen. Select Next.
  6. You’ll go to the Secret Questions and Answers screen. Enter your answer, the same one you use to sign in to your Centrelink online account.
  7. You’ll go to the 4 digit PIN screen. Enter a new PIN - this can’t be the same as your old PIN.
  8. Confirm your PIN by re-entering the same 4 digits.

Don’t give your PIN to anyone. Keep your PIN in a safe place.

Multiple devices

You can only sign in to the Express Plus Lite mobile app on 1 device at a time.

Multiple people on a single device

Each person must have their own account in the app for security reasons.

Only one person can sign in to the app on a device at a time.

If someone else wants to use the app on a shared device, they must sign in with their own:

  • Customer Access Number (CAN)
  • Centrelink online account password, and
  • set up a new PIN

Forgotten Centrelink password

You can:

App maintenance

The Express Plus Lite mobile app may be unavailable at times due to maintenance. We’ll tell you when we’re doing updates.

Online open hours

You can use your Express Plus Lite mobile app 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Check customer service changes for any scheduled or unscheduled service interruptions.

Logging out

To log out of the app, go to the side menu and select Logoff.

When you log out of the app a message will display: You have successfully logged out. If you don’t see this message, you may not have been logged out properly.

Your session will log out if you’ve been inactive for 10 minutes.

Lost or new device

Don’t save your PIN on your device. This will stop the risk of someone else accessing your account.

If you get a new device, download the app again and set up a new PIN.

Error messages

We can help if you get an error message.

This service is unavailable, please try again later

  • update your Apple device as the app only works with version iOS 5 and above - to find your version, go to Settings > General > About on your phone
  • update your Android device as the app only works with version 2.3.3 and above
  • make sure you’re connected to 3G, 4G or a wireless network (Wi-Fi)

Check the App Store or Google Play for version updates.

If you still get the error, read about customer service changes.

Session timeout

You’ll get this when your device is inactive for 10 minutes or more.

Close the app and sign back in.

Crashing, freezing or timing out issues

Turn your device off and on, and check your signal or wireless connection.

Always download updates when they’re available. You can allow automatic updates of the app on your device.

Extra help

If you need more help call the Online Services Support Hotline and select option 2.

We’ll ask you some questions. You’ll need to know:

  • your Customer Reference Number
  • if you’ve used the app in the past
  • if you’re using 3G, 4G or a wireless network (Wi-Fi)
  • if you’re using the latest app version
  • the device and operating system you're using
  • if you’ve set you phone to a foreign language

This number is not for payment enquiries.

If you need help with your payment contact us. Or, you can talk to someone in your language Monday to Friday between 8 am to 5 pm by calling our Multilingual Phone Service.

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Page last updated: 17 July 2019

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