Family Tax Benefit

How to claim

Check if you're eligible before you start your claim. There are 6 steps to claim Family Tax Benefit. Before you start, check you can receive it and when to claim.


  • decide how you will receive your payment - fortnightly or annually
  • submit your claim online
  • provide supporting documentation
  • we'll assess your claim and advise you of the outcome

You can submit your claim for FTB up to 3 months before your child is born or enters your care.

There are 2 ways to claim FTB:

  • fortnightly, or
  • as a lump sum at the end of the financial year

Once you've started your claim, you’ll have:

  • 14 days to submit your supporting documents, and
  • 28 days to submit your tax file number (TFN) and bank account details

The earlier you submit all your required documents the faster we assess your claim.

It’s easiest to apply online. Follow the steps to claim FTB below.

If you can’t apply online, you can complete one of these forms:

If you can’t access a printer, you can pick up the form from a service centre or call us and we’ll send it to you.

Steps to claim FTB

  1. Visiting a service centre

    1. Create accounts and link them

    If you’ve never made a Centrelink claim before, you’ll need to create a Centrelink account. You’ll need to prove your identity by visiting a service centre. Read more about confirming your identity.

    You’ll need to link your Centrelink account with your myGov account.

    If you already have a Centrelink account linked to myGov, you can start your claim.

  2. Gather Documents

    2. Get your information ready

    You’ll need to include personal details in your claim, such as your family’s income details and bank account details. It’s best to have this information ready before you start your claim.

    Read more about what you’ll need for your claim.

  3. Claim online

    3. Choose how you’ll claim FTB

    There are 2 ways you can claim FTB.

    If you claim fortnightly, there are a number of ways you can choose to receive FTB. Read more about your payment choices.

    If you claim as a lump sum, you need to submit your claim by 30 June of the following financial year. Read more about the time period for submitting lump sum claims.

    Read the information booklet if you claim as a lump sum.


    4. Start your claim

    The easiest way to do this is online. Sign into myGov and go to your Centrelink online account to start your claim. Once you’re signed in, select:

    • Make a claim
    • Start a New Claim
    • Families, then
    • Get started

    Once you answer all the questions, select Submit your claim.


    5. Give us your supporting documents

    We’ll tell you what supporting documents you need to give us to complete your claim.

    If you’re having a baby or adopting a child, you’ll need to submit proof of birth or adoption before we can pay you.

    You can upload documents with your Centrelink online account through myGov or the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.


    6. Check your myGov Inbox

    We’ll let you know the outcome of your claim through your myGov Inbox.

    Remember, if you claimed before your child was born or adopted, you need to submit proof of birth before we can finalise your claim.

    Your claim could take longer to process if there’s information missing from your claim.

Checking your claim

The best way is to check your myGov Inbox for updates. We’ll contact you here if we need more details for your claim.

If you haven’t heard from us, you should check you have given us all documents before contacting us. If you’ve submitted your claim and all requested documents, you can call the Families line.

You have the right to appeal any decision we make. Read more about reviews and appeals.

Page last updated: 23 October 2018