Family Tax Benefit

FTB Part A eligibility

We pay Family Tax Benefit Part A per child. The amount we pay you depends on your family’s circumstances.

You may be eligible for FTB Part A if you care for a dependent child who is:

You must also:

You may receive a top up or supplement when we balance your payments after the end of the financial year.

To be eligible for the FTB Part A supplement your:

Study requirements

Children aged 16 to 19 meet the study requirements if they:

  • are in full time secondary study in an approved course leading towards a year 12 or equivalent qualification
  • have an acceptable study load, or
  • have been granted an exemption from us.

Other payments

If you receive FTB Part A you may be eligible for:

If you have care of triplets or quadruplets, you may be eligible for Multiple Birth Allowance. We’ll pay you $158.06 a fortnight for triplets or $210.56 a fortnight for quadruplets or more. We’ll automatically assess you for this, you don't need to submit a separate claim.

Page last updated: 30 October 2018