Farm Household Allowance

What it covers

Farm Household Allowance (FHA) can help with your household bills while you improve your financial circumstances.

You'll get:

  • a fortnightly payment for a maximum period of 4 cumulative years (1,460 days)
  • an Activity Supplement worth up to $4,000. You can use this to pay for study, training or professional advice to help improve your financial position
  • a Farm Household Case Officer to work with you to assist you improve your financial circumstances

If you’re getting FHA you’ll also get 1 or 2 FHA supplement lump sum payments. 

The FHA supplement is paid as 2 lump sum payments.

In total, it’s worth up to $7,200 for single farmers and $12,000 for farming couples per household.

When you get the lump sum payments

The first FHA supplement payment will be paid from 1 September 2018. If you get FHA between 1 September 2018 and 1 December 2018 you’ll get the first FHA supplement lump sum. 

The second FHA supplement payment will be paid from 1 March 2019. If you get FHA between 2 December 2018 and 1 June 2019 you’ll get the second FHA supplement payment.

Watch our videos to find out more about Farm Household Allowance.

Page last updated: 31 August 2018