Who can get it

You need to meet eligibility requirements to get Farm Household Allowance.

To get Farm Household Allowance you must meet all the following:

  • be a farmer or partner of a farmer
  • be 16 years or older
  • contribute labour and capital to an Australian farm, or are the partner of a farmer who does
  • have income and assets below certain amounts
  • have had less than 4 years of Farm Household Allowance.

Your farm must have significant commercial purpose. We'll assess this based on all the following:

  • the purpose of your farm
  • the prospect for profit
  • consistency of activity
  • whether your farm runs as a business
  • the size, scale and permanency of your farm activity.

Watch our Farm Household Allowance videos to find out more about eligibilty.

Page last updated: 25 July 2019