Health Care Card

A concession card to get cheaper medicines and some discounts if you get a payment from us.

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Eligibility & payment rates


You may be eligible for a Health Care Card if you get specific payments or supplements from us or the maximum rate of Family Tax Benefit Part A.

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A Health Care Card entitles you to cheaper prescription medicines under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

You may be eligible for other concessions from the Australian Government. Some of these concessions may also be available for a dependent child.

Benefits could include:

  • bulk billing for doctor’s appointments, as decided by your doctor
  • more refunds for medical expenses through the Medicare Safety Net
  • assistance with hearing services through the Office of Hearing Services
  • discounted mail redirection through Australia Post

State and territory governments and local councils may offer concessions such as:

  • energy and electricity bills
  • healthcare costs, including ambulance, dental and eye care
  • public transport costs
  • rates

Please check with your state and territory government about what concessions are available to Health Care Card holders. Concessional entitlements may vary between states and territories.

When using Medicare services, you need to present your Medicare card.


Renewing a card

Your Health Care Card is issued for 1 year from the date you are granted the qualifying payment.

It is automatically renewed annually if you remain eligible for that payment. If you receive:

  • Sickness Allowance, your Health Care Card is issued for the period of the current medical certificate up to a maximum of 13 weeks
  • Carer Payment (Child) episodic or short term care, your Health Care Card is issued for a period of 26 weeks

Digital Wallet

Have your concession or health care card with you everywhere you take your phone.

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Lost or stolen card

We can replace a lost or stolen card and post you a new card.

We can’t issue a replacement over the counter.

Request a replacement card:

Change of circumstances

You need to tell us if your circumstances change while you hold a Health Care Card—for instance, if your income goes up, you start or return to work, or you change your address.

If you stop receiving your payment, we will automatically cancel your Health Care Card.

If you return to work, you need to ask us whether you can keep your Health Care Card for a short time.

There are concession card rules that might affect you if you leave Australia.

If you travel outside Australia

There are limits on how long your card remains current when you travel outside Australia.

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Other concession and health care cards

Concession and health care cards can help you access cheaper health care services and medicines.

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