Job in Jeopardy Assistance

A service to help you stay in work if you risk losing your job through illness, injury or disability.


If you're at risk of losing your job because you're ill, injured or have a disability, Job in Jeopardy Assistance can help.

Through a Disability Employment Services (DES) provider, the service may include:

  • advice about redesigning your job so you can keep working
  • having your workplace assessed for possible changes so it's easier for you to work
  • having your workplace changed so you can continue to work
  • specialised equipment to help you do your job

Job in Jeopardy Assistance is free and available through direct registration with a DES provider. You don’t need to be getting a payment from us to access the service.


To be eligible for Job in Jeopardy Assistance you must:

  • have worked an average of at least 8 hours a week over the last 13 weeks, and
  • not already be getting assistance from a DES provider

If you meet these requirements you can approach a DES provider directly for assistance. Go to the jobactive website to find your local provider.

Page last updated: 12 May 2018