Jobs, Education and Training Child Care Fee Assistance

Payment rates

This payment helps cover part of your gap fee.

The gap fee is the difference between your child care fees and the Child Care Benefit you get. We pay part of the gap fee and you must pay the rest.

You need to pay:

  • $0.10 an hour for each child if you’re a teenage parent completing high school or equivalent study - this applies until the end of the calendar year that you turn 20 years of age
  • $1 an hour for each child for all other eligible parents

We’ll pay the rest of the fee, up to $8.40 an hour for each child.

The hours of JET Child Care Fee Assistance you can receive depends on:

  • how much child care you use
  • how much you’re charged, and
  • your circumstances

Page last updated: 6 July 2018