How much you can get

Newstart Allowance is paid every 2 weeks. Your payment amount will depend on your circumstances.

This includes:

  • your personal situation, such as if you have children and a partner
  • how much income you’ve earned in the past 14 days.

These are the highest Newstart payments at the moment. This rate will vary depending on your circumstances.

If you’re Your maximum fortnightly payment is
Single, no children $559.00
Single, with a dependent child or children $604.70
Single, aged 60 or over, after 9 continuous months on payment $604.70
Partnered $504.70 each

Single principal carer granted an exemption from commitments for any of the following:

  • foster caring
  • non-parent relative caring under a court order
  • home schooling
  • distance education
  • large family

Payment rates for Newstart Allowance are updated on 20 March and 20 September each year.

Page last updated: 30 September 2019