Parental Leave Pay

When will it start

Your start date is the start of your Parental Leave Pay entitlement period. It’s not the date you’ll receive your first payment.

Nominating a start date

You nominate a start date in your claim. Your start date can’t be before the date of birth or adoption.

You can nominate the date of birth or adoption as the start date. To do this, you need to submit your claim and provide proof of birth or adoption within 4 weeks after the birth or adoption.

If you submit your claim or provide proof of birth or adoption more than 4 weeks after the birth or adoption, the start date can only be from the date you submitted your claim.

You can also nominate a later start date.

To receive the full 18 weeks of Parental Leave Pay, you need to nominate a start date that’s within 34 weeks of your child’s birth or adoption.

Receiving your first payment

You need to provide proof of birth or adoption so we can finalise your claim.

You’ll receive your first payment after your nominated start date. It will include any arrears you’re entitled to.

If we’re paying your Parental Leave Pay directly to you

If you’ve provided proof of birth and your claim has been finalised, you’ll generally receive your first payment 14 days after the start date.

If your employer is paying you Parental Leave Pay

When we finalise your claim we’ll give them the funds. Once they receive them, you’ll usually be paid on your next regular payday after your nominated start date.

It could take longer if your employer receives the funds after their payroll cut off. In these cases, you’ll receive your payment on the following payday.

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