How much you get

The bonus amount you can get under the Pension Bonus Scheme depends on how long you've been an accruing member of the scheme.

It also depends on:

  • the amount of basic Age Pension you can get when you claim
  • if you were single or partnered when you were a member

The table below lists the highest rates you can get.

If you’ve been in the scheme for The most you’ll get if you’re single is The most you’ll each get if you’re partnered is
1 year $2,119.90 $1,602.00
2 years $8,479.70 $6,408.20
3 years $19,079.30 $14,418.40
4 years $33,918.80 $25,632.70
5 years $52,998.10 $40,051.10

We update payment rates on:

  • 20 March, and
  • 20 September

You only get the bonus once, but you could get a Pension Bonus top up.

What affects your payment

Things that can affect your payment include:

  • you must be an accruing member for at least 1 year
  • we cap your bonus at 5 years of accruing membership
  • you can’t build up your bonus once you turn 75
  • if you can’t get Age Pension, you can’t get a bonus
  • when we calculate your bonus, we don’t add extra benefits to your Age Pension, such as:
  • if you can get a part rate Age Pension, you may get a part rate bonus

When to claim

There are benefits to claiming your pension and bonus at certain times. For example, after you stop work or once you finalise your super arrangements are generally good times.

Financial Information Service officers can help you plan when to claim.

Page last updated: 20 March 2019

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