Pension Loans Scheme

Who can get it

You may be able to apply for a payment under the Pension Loans Scheme if you meet certain requirements.

Changes to the Pension Loans Scheme will impact new and existing participants. More people will be able to access it. Read more about Changes to the Pension Loans Scheme from 1 July 2019.

You may be able to apply if you:

  • or your partner are of Age Pension age
  • own real estate in Australia that you use as security for the loan
  • or your partner receives a rate of payment that is less than the maximum amount or nothing due to either the income or assets test but not both
  • you meet Age Pension residence rules

If you get less than the maximum rate of any of the following payments you can apply for a loan:

You can’t access the scheme if you get the maximum rate of payment.

Claiming other payments

The Pension Loans Scheme doesn’t stop you from claiming payments under the assets hardship provisions.

However you need to work out which one suits you best as you can only get a payment under either the Pension Loans Scheme or the asset hardship provisions.

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