Relocation Scholarship

A once a year payment if you get ABSTUDY, Youth Allowance or Energy Supplement and need to move from a regional or remote area for higher education study.

The 2017–18 Budget includes the Better Targeting of the Relocation Scholarship measure which may change this information. The measure is subject to the passage of legislation.

Eligibility & payment rates


To be eligible for the Relocation Scholarship you must meet certain criteria.

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Independent students

To get a Relocation Scholarship as an independent student you must have a special reason.

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Payment rates

Your payment rate of Relocation Scholarship depends on your circumstances.

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Your family home location

Where your family home is determines if you can get a Relocation Scholarship and your payment rate in your second and third years of study.

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Study rules

You must be studying in a full time approved scholarship course.

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When you turn 22

Most people won’t qualify for a Relocation Scholarship after they turn 22.

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Approved scholarship courses

Your course must lead to a degree or diploma to get Relocation Scholarship.

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Practical placements

You can get a Relocation Scholarship if you need to move away from home for a practical placement.

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Managing your payment

Tell us about changes

We need to know about changes that could stop your Relocation Scholarship.

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Manage your money

We’ve got advice and tools to help you with budgeting, borrowing and credit, and managing debt.

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Page last updated: 13 April 2018