Relocation Scholarship


You need to meet eligibility requirements to get Relocation Scholarship.

Who can get it

To get the Relocation Scholarship you must meet the study rules. You must also either:

  • be a dependent student, or
  • have a special reason why you’re independent

You must have to move to, or from, a regional or remote area within Australia to study and get at least $1 of:

Don’t forget to tell us if you move, so we can update your details.

Who can't get it

You can’t get this payment if:

  • you don’t get Youth Allowance, ABSTUDY Living Allowance or Energy Supplement
  • your family home and your place of study are both in a major city when you start studying
  • you’re eligible for a Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship from the Department of Education and Training
  • you get a Relocation Scholarship from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs

You also can’t get it if you live on campus and get ABSTUDY Residential Costs Option. This applies unless you got the offer to live on campus after we paid your scholarship.

How to get it

You don’t need to apply for the Relocation Scholarship.

We check if you’re eligible for it each year while you’re getting:

  • Youth Allowance
  • ABSTUDY Living Allowance, or
  • Energy Supplement

If you’re moving from a city to a regional area to study, you need to show your course is at a regional campus. We’ll send you a letter and a Verification of Campus form asking you to do this.

This can be:

You need to:

  • fill in the student part of the Verification of Campus form
  • get your course provider to fill in the Campus details part of the form and sign it
  • submit the form and any requested documents to us

You can submit the form online or at a service centre.

If your family home is in a regional or remote area, you don’t need to complete the form.

Read more about your family home for Relocation Scholarship.

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