Remote Area Allowance

Who can get it

There are 2 ways to get Remote Area Allowance.

Ways to get it

Option 1

You can get it if you:

Option 2

You can get it if you:

  • moved to a remote area, and
  • will stay longer than 12 months

How we know you live in a remote area

Tax zones define remote areas. The Tax Office determines tax zones. The Australian zone list on the Australian Taxation website will tell you if you live in a remote area. These include:

Who can’t get it

You can't get it if you:


You can get this allowance for 8 weeks from the date you leave your usual home if you:

The 8 week limit doesn’t apply to ABSTUDY secondary school students.

How to get it

You don’t need to claim this allowance.

We’ll check if you can get it when you:

  • get your income support payment, or
  • move to an eligible tax zone

If you can get it, we’ll tell you:

  • when your payment starts, and
  • how much you get
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