Rural Call Centres

We provide a telephone service to help people living in rural and remote Australia with the challenges of living in an isolated area, away from more populated centres.

You can get help through a Rural Call Centre by calling the Farmer Assistance hotline on 132 316.

You will talk to staff who understand the needs of people who live in an isolated area. They are experienced and knowledgeable about issues that affect rural families and farming businesses. Some staff may even be from your own rural area.

Rural Call Centres improve rural customer satisfaction with service provision, and importantly, locate services and deliver jobs in regional Australia. If you call the Farmer Assistance hotline on 132 316, you will have your call answered by specialist Rural Call Centre staff.

Contact the Rural Call Centres

To talk to someone at the Rural Call Centre, phone the Farmer Assistance
hotline on 132 316.

Page last updated: 6 February 2018