Other forms you may need to complete

When you submit your claim for Sickness Allowance, we may ask you to give us more information.

You’ll need to submit supporting documents as part of your claim. This includes a Centrelink medical certificate or a medical certificate with all the required information completed by your doctor. The certificate must include:

You may also need to complete some extra forms. We’ll tell you in your claim which ones you need to complete.

  • the name or description of your condition
  • how long your condition will affect your ability to work or study
  • confirmation you can’t do your usual work or study
  • the period of time for which you can’t do your usual work or study.
Your situation Forms you may need to complete
Need to tell us about your finances Income and assets form
If you have a partner Partner Details – Parenting Payment Partnered

Page last updated: 20 December 2018