Single Income Family Supplement

An annual payment of up to $300 to help eligible households.

Eligibility basics

To get the Single Income Family Supplement (SIFS) you must have:

  • an eligible child in your care, and
  • 1 main income earner whose taxable income is between $68,000 and $150,000 - if there’s a second income earner, their taxable income must be less than $18,000

Recent changes might affect you. Read about changes to family payments.

Eligibility & payment rates

Who can get it

You may be able to get SIFS for a financial year if:

  • there is 1 main income earner in your family
  • their taxable income is between $68,000 and $150,000
  • you get Family Tax Benefit (FTB) for at least 1 child, and
  • you have another income earner in your family - their taxable income must be less than $18,000

If you don’t get FTB, you may still get SIFS. This is only if you would get FTB if your family didn’t get the at home rate of 1 of these payments for the child:

  • Disability Support Pension
  • Youth Allowance
  • Special Benefit
  • ABSTUDY Living Allowance
  • an education allowance under the Veterans’ Children Education Scheme
  • an education allowance under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act Education and Training Scheme

Approved care organisations

Approved care organisations provide residential care for young people.

They can’t get SIFS.

Residence rules

On the day you claim Single Income Family Supplement, you must be living in Australia and either:

Payment rates

An annual payment of up to $300.

How much you get will depend on your situation. Your household income and the number of days you were caring for an eligible child will affect your payment.

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Changes if you receive family payments

A number of changes affect you if you receive family payments.

Read more about changes to family payments


If you get Family Tax Benefit, you don’t need to claim this payment. If you’re eligible we’ll pay you after you and your partner have lodged a tax return or have told us you don’t need to lodge one.

If you don’t get Family Tax Benefit but think you’re eligible for SIFS, you’ll need to submit a claim.



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Rate Estimator

The rate estimator will show you how much Single Income Family Supplement you might be eligible for.

Use the rate estimator to check how much you may get:

  • select estimate family assistance and child care rates, and
  • select estimate for Single Income Family Supplement rates

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