Special Disability Trusts

A way for families to plan for the long term care and accommodation needs of someone with a severe disability.

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If you have a Special Disability Trust you may get a gifting concession and assets test assessment exemption.

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A Special Disability Trust must have only one principal beneficiary (the person for whom the trust is established) who meets the eligibility criteria.

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The principal beneficiary

To be eligible to be a principal beneficiary of a Special Disability Trust, the person with a disability must meet the definition of severe disability.

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Eligibility for the gifting concession

Immediate family members of the Special Disability Trust principal beneficiary who are of age or of service pension age and get a pension are eligible for the gifting concession.

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Fund contributions

Contributions or gifts of assets to any value can be made to a Special Disability Trust at any time by almost anyone.

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Gifting concessions

A gifting concession of up to $500,000 combined is available for eligible family members of the principal beneficiary.

This concessional amount can only be used once. For example, if an eligible contributor gifts to a Special Disability Trust and receives a concession and then dies, his or her concession amount cannot be accessed by any other immediate family member.

Using Special Disability Trust funds

The funds of a Special Disability Trust are intended to meet the reasonable care and accommodation needs of the principal beneficiary.

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Tax concessions

A Special Disability Trust’s unexpected income is taxed at the beneficiary’s personal income tax rate, rather than at the highest marginal tax rate.


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