Tropical Cyclone Debbie – March 2017 - Disaster Recovery Payment

Assistance for eligible people adversely affected by Tropical Cyclone Debbie – March 2017

You have until 19 January 2018 to submit a claim for the following Local Government Area:

  • Byron

The claiming period for all other Local Government Areas has now closed.

About the Disaster Recovery Payment

The Disaster Recovery Payment is a one-off payment to assist you if you have been significantly affected by a disaster. It is not for minor damage or inconvenience.

If you are eligible you will receive:

  • $1,000 per adult
  • $400 for each child under 16 years of age

You can choose to get this payment in two instalments if you prefer.


You may be eligible to receive the Disaster Recovery Payment if you meet all the following criteria:

  • you are an Australian resident
  • you are 16 years or older at the time of the cyclone or are receiving a social security payment
  • you have not already received a Disaster Recovery Payment for Tropical Cyclone Debbie – March 2017
  • you have experienced one or more of the following, as a direct result of the cyclone:
    • you have been seriously injured
    • you are the immediate family member of an Australian citizen who died
    • at least 25% of the interior of your principle place of residence has been affected by the cyclone
    • at least 25% of the interior of your principle place of residence has been exposed to the elements
    • your principle place of residence has been destroyed or must be demolished
    • the interior of your residence has been affected by sewerage contamination
    • your principle place of residence has been declared structurally unsound
    • you are the principal carer of a dependent child who has experienced any of the above

You may need to provide evidence to support your claim.

For the purposes of this payment:

  • your principal place of residence is the main place where you have a right or license to normally reside - it does not include holiday homes or investment properties
  • you are a principal carer of a child if the child is your dependent and has not turned 16. The principal carer must have legal responsibility for the day-to-day care, welfare and development of the child

Claims cannot be submitted on behalf of a person who has died or their estate. You may however be eligible to submit a claim in your own right if you are the immediate family member of a person who has died as a direct result of Tropical Cyclone Debbie – March 2017.

Australian residency requirements

An Australian resident is a person who resides in Australia and is either:

Your responsibilities

It is your responsibility to decide if you wish to apply for this payment and to make the application, having regard to your particular circumstances. It is also your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide in your claim is true and correct.

If you have never been a Centrelink customer you may need to provide with your claim, one document showing Proof of Birth or Proof of Arrival in Australia, or any other approved documents that add up to the value of 50 points, for example, driver’s licence (40 points), bank card/statement (40 points), Medicare card (20 points).

If you cannot provide this immediately, you should submit a claim without delay and provide the supporting documents to us within 28 days. If you have difficulty obtaining this information, please contact us on 180 22 66.

Claiming options

You can make a claim by phone, in person, by post or fax.

By phone:

  • call us on 180 22 66
  • to speak to us in languages other than English, call 131 202

In person, by post, or by fax:

Page last updated: 7 December 2017