Utilities Allowance

A quarterly payment to help with household bills if you get certain payments from us.

Who can get it

You can get this allowance if you get:

We’ll assess if you can get Utilities Allowance when you claim. Tell us if you don’t want it.

How much you can get

We’ll pay the allowance with your regular payment. We pay you on or after 20 March, 20 June, 20 September and 20 December each year.

Current rates


We’ll pay you $160.10 a quarter.


We’ll pay $80.05 a quarter for each eligible member of a couple.

Rate adjustment

We adjust the rate on 20 March and 20 September each year. You won’t pay tax or have a means test for this allowance.

When you travel outside Australia

We’ll still pay you Utilities Allowance if you travel overseas temporarily. Your next quarterly payment must fall within 6 weeks of leaving.

Your main payment must also be payable at that time. This includes:

Read more on payments while outside Australia.

How to manage your money

We’ve got advice and tools to help you with budgeting, borrowing and credit, and managing debt.

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My bank account is overdrawn

You can get help to manage your money if your bank account is overdrawn.

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Page last updated: 20 March 2019

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