Widow Allowance


Check if you’re eligible before you start your claim. A guide to claiming Widow Allowance.

If you contact us to claim this payment between 17 - 30 June 2018, complete your claim within 14 days. Read more about intent to claim stopping 1 July 2018.


  • tell us you’re going to apply
  • fill in the claim form
  • get any documents the form asks for
  • submit your claim and documents
  • wait for us to tell you the result

Before you start

You should:

Intent to claim

You should tell us you intend to claim Widow Allowance. You don’t have to do this, but it will help us start your payments sooner.

To do this you can:

If you go to a service centre you can show your identity documents at the same time. This will save you time later.

Claim form

Print and fill in the Claim for Widow Allowance form.

If you can't print the form, call us and ask us to send you the form.

Other documents

Unless you’ve already confirmed your identity, you’ll need to show us identity documents. These are 3 documents that confirm who you are – for example, your passport, driver’s licence and bank statement.

Read the list of documents you can use to confirm your identity.

You can do this:

  • before you apply
  • when you submit your claim
  • within 14 days after you submit your claim

The claim form will tell you if you need to give us any other documents or forms.

After you claim, you have 14 days to give us all your documents and forms. The sooner we get them, the sooner we can assess your claim.

Submit your claim

You need to give us:

  • your claim form
  • your identity documents if you haven't already done so
  • any other forms or documents we've asked for

You can do this:

Wait for the result

We’ll tell you:

  • if we grant or reject your claim
  • when we’ll start paying you
  • how much it will be

You have the right to appeal any decision we make. Read about reviews and appeals.

Page last updated: 18 June 2018