When you reach age pension age

You can continue to receive Widow B Pension for as long as you remain eligible, or until you choose to transfer to Age Pension.

Some things do not change whether you remain on Widow B Pension or transfer to Age Pension. These include:

  • your rate of payment and income and assets tests
  • your concession card
  • access to the Work Bonus

Benefits if you transfer to Age Pension include:

  • the rules for Age Pension may be better if you intend to travel outside Australia
  • you may be able to have more land exempted from the assets test if your home is situated on a block of land larger than 2 hectares, and on 1 title

In some circumstances, you may be better off remaining on Widow B Pension. These include:

Read more about how to transfer to Age Pension.

Page last updated: 30 April 2019

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