When you reach Age Pension age

If you get Wife Pension and you’re Age Pension age, you can apply to transfer to Age Pension.

People who are over Age Pension age can continue to get Wife Pension until 20 March 2020.

Read more about when this payment stops.

What you need to know

We’ll invite you to apply to transfer to Age Pension 13 weeks before you're Age Pension age. You need to tell us if you:

  • want to transfer or not
  • have superannuation.

If you don’t do this, we may stop your Wife Pension once you turn Age Pension age.

We’ll send the invitation to your online account if you have one. If you don’t, we’ll post the invitation and form to you. We’ll fill in the online transfer or form with details we already know about you.

What the benefits are

If you transfer to Age Pension:

  • we exempt more land from the assets test if you live on a single land title covering more than 2 hectares
  • your partner doesn’t need to remain eligible for Age Pension or Disability Support Pension.

Keep in mind, some of these factors may change based on your individual circumstances.

If you intend to travel, compare the rules for Wife Pension with those for Age Pension.

What happens if you stay on Wife Pension

Your current payment will continue, if you keep meeting the eligibility requirements.

If you get compensation payments, you may be better off staying on Wife Pension.

Carer Supplement

If you get Carer Allowance and Wife Pension, in July each year you also get the Carer Supplement. Your Carer Supplement has two components, one for Carer Allowance and one for Wife Pension. If you get Age Pension, you can’t get the Wife Pension component of $600. However you can continue to get the Carer Allowance component of up to $600 per care receiver.

How to confirm your decision

You need to complete the online task or return the form we send you and confirm you want to either:

  • transfer to Age Pension
  • stay on Wife Pension.

You also have to tell us about any superannuation you have.

Read more about applying to transfer to Age Pension.

Page last updated: 3 September 2019