Meet some of our students – student profiles

We have 6 profiles of common types of students. See if they match your situation.

Andy - apprentice living at home

Andy is 17 and finished school last year. He had a short break after his year 12 exams. Then he applied for an Australian Apprenticeship. He is now training in building and construction.

Andy lives at home with his mum and 2 younger siblings. Andy’s dad pays maintenance for Andy and his 2 siblings.

He made a claim for Youth Allowance. As Andy lives with his mum, we consider him dependent. This means we used his mum’s income and the maintenance his dad pays when we worked out Andy’s eligibility.

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Amy - relocating to study

Amy is 18 and from a small country town in Queensland. She’s finished school and is moving from her town to the city to study food and nutrition. She’s going to live with her aunt near her uni campus. Amy’s applying for Youth Allowance.

Even though she doesn’t live with her parents, we consider Amy to be dependent. This means we’ll use Amy’s parents’ income when working out her eligibility. As a dependant, Amy is eligible for the away from home rate. She’ll also get the Relocation Scholarship because she needs to move from a rural area to the city for study.

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Sally - working gap year

Sally is 19 and excited about her first year at uni studying International Business. When Sally finished Year 12, she took time off for a working holiday. Up until then she was living on her parents’ farm in remote Queensland. She enjoyed seeing so many places around the world! She also worked hard and earned good money. We assessed Sally as independent for Youth Allowance because she had a job. When she started her study, Sally moved onto campus at uni in Brisbane.

Sally’s moving back in with her family to study by distance. When this happens, she’ll keep her independent status. This means Sally will get the at home rate of Youth Allowance when she's living with her parents.

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Liz - mature-aged student

At 29, Liz has worked as a live in nanny for the last 8 years. She’s loved her job and enjoyed watching the children grow but she’s ready for a career change. She’s moved into an apartment with her partner who works part-time.

Liz is starting TAFE and studying for the first time. Given her interest with kids she’s going to study early childhood. Because she’s over 25 Liz is eligible for Austudy. Her partner’s income affects how much payment she gets.

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Jack - Indigenous Australian living at home

19 year old Jack finished school last year and is living at home dependent on his parents. He’s now enrolled to study Urban and Regional Town Planning at his local University.

As Jack identifies as a Torres Strait Islander, he will get ABSTUDY under the Tertiary Award. We use Jack’s parents’ income when assessing the amount of ABSTUDY Living Allowance he’ll get. Jack will also be eligible for Incidentals Allowance.

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David – student in a share house

After 18 year old David finished school, he registered with TAFE to study Graphic Design.

David applied for Youth Allowance. After that, he moved out of his parents' place into shared accommodation with 2 friends. David has started a casual job, working as a waiter. Even though he’s not living at home, he’s still dependent. This means we’ll use his parents’ income to assess his eligibility for Youth Allowance. We apply the parental income test.

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Page last updated: 27 September 2019