Youth Disability Supplement

An extra payment if you’re a young person with disability and on an income support payment.

Who can get it

You’ll automatically get the Youth Disability Supplement if:

You may also get it if you're under 22 and get:

  • Youth Allowance as a job seeker, full time student or Australian Apprentice, or
  • ABSTUDY as a full time student or Australian Apprentice

If you are receiving Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY you also need a current Employment Services Assessment showing that you have an illness, injury or disability that:

  • stops you from working 30 or more hours a week, and
  • will last more than 2 years

We’ll refer you for an Employment Services Assessment if you need one.

How to get it

You don’t need to apply for Youth Disability Supplement. We’ll check if you can get the supplement when you apply for:

  • Disability Support Pension
  • Youth Allowance, or

You need to tell us if you don’t want to get it. To do this, visit us at a service centre or call us.

How you’ll find out

If you can get the Youth Disability Supplement, we’ll write to you and let you know:

  • when it will start
  • how much you’ll get

What to do if you disagree

You can appeal any decision we make. Read about:

How much you can get

The most Youth Disability Supplement you can get is $127.10 a fortnight.

How much you get depends on how much your main payment is. To work out the total amount you can get, we add up your main payment and the Youth Disability Supplement. We do this to make sure the total combined amount you get is under the limits outlined below.

What's the limit if you’re on Disability Support Pension

The total you get each fortnight can’t be more than what someone older than 21 would get on Disability Support Pension.

Read more about Disability Support Pension.

What's the limit if you’re on Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY

The total you get each fortnight can’t be more than what someone older than 22 would get on Newstart Allowance.

Read more about Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY.

When we pay you

We pay the supplement with your main income support payment each fortnight.

Tax on the supplement

If you get Disability Support Pension you won’t pay tax on the supplement.

If you get Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY you may have to pay tax on the supplement.

What income and assets tests apply

This payment doesn’t have an income or assets test.

The income and asset tests may affect your main payment. If you’re on Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY, this may include the parental income test.

When the payment might change

We update the payment rate on 1 January each year.

If you’re on Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY and we assess you as able to do more work, we may stop your Youth Disability Supplement. We’ll talk to you about this.

If you’re on Disability Support Pension, when you turn 21 your Youth Disability Supplement will stop. But you’ll move to a different rate of Disability Support Pension.

When your circumstances change

You must tell us about changes that may affect your payment.

What to tell us about

For example, you need to tell us if:

  • your income changes
  • you start working
  • you change address
  • you go overseas

When to tell us

You have 14 days to let us know about any changes.

How to tell us

 You can tell us about changes at any time:

What happens if you don’t tell us

If you don’t tell us about changes, we may pay you too much. If this happens you’ll have to pay the money back.

If you deliberately don’t tell us about changes, we could charge you with fraud.

If you give us the wrong details about your work income, you may have to pay a recovery fee.

How to manage your money

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What if your bank account is overdrawn

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Page last updated: 13 November 2018