Binding child support agreement

A written agreement between parents or carers about child support payments. It must be signed by both parents and can only be made if you've had legal advice.

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An agreement about child support payments where both parties obtain independent legal advice.

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Child support and your Family Tax Benefit Part A

Any child support you receive can affect how much Family Tax Benefit (FTB) Part A you get.

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Changes of circumstances that affect your child support

We need to know about changes that could affect your child support.

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Notifying us

You must get legal advice before you make a binding child support agreement. This is so you know what you’re responsible for in the agreement.


  • decide if you’ll negotiate an agreement with the other parent
  • use the Child Support Agreement form or draft your terms with the help of a legal professional
  • submit your agreement and any other documents we ask for
  • apply either in writing or over the phone to have the agreement accepted
  • wait for us to assess your agreement and let you know the results

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Paying child support

How to pay child support

There are different ways to make child support payments.

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Collecting child support

Choose a collection option

The person who will receive child support can choose how the paying parent pays them.

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Page last updated: 12 January 2018