Tell us about a binding agreement

You must get legal advice before you make a binding child support agreement.

Before you start

You must get legal advice before you make a binding child support agreement. This is so you know what you’re responsible for in the agreement.

Your legal provider needs to complete a legal certificate and include a statement to confirm they gave you legal advice before you signed the agreement. You must submit this with your binding agreement.

Make your choice

Decide if you’re going to enter into a binding child support agreement with the other parent. There may be another option that suits you better.

Read more about your child support options.

Child Support Agreement form

Use the Child Support Agreement form as a guide for your agreement. You can also use it:

  • to record your agreement
  • to apply to have your agreement accepted.

Your legal provider can help you complete this form.

Supporting documents

You must include the legal certificate your legal provider completed. We can’t accept your binding agreement without it.

You may be asked to provide information to prove who the parents of the child are. For example, a birth certificate.

We may ask for other documents to help assess your agreement.

Submit your agreement

You can use the Child Support Agreement form to apply for your agreement to be accepted.

You can also phone the department and ask for your agreement to be accepted.

Send a copy of your agreement:

  • online: scan the agreement, go to myGov to access your Child Support online account and submit by selecting Upload documents from the Quick links menu.
  • by fax: 1300 309 949
  • by post:
    Department of Human Services
    Child Support
    GPO Box 9815
    Melbourne VIC 3001

Wait for the results

We’ll tell you and the other parent the outcome. You have the right to object our decision.

Read about objections to child support decisions.

Page last updated: 16 August 2019

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