This is where we collect and transfer child support payments for you.

Compare child support collection options.

When you can use it

You can use Child Support Collect if we’ve:

Who does what


  • set the payment amount
  • collect payments from the paying parent, and
  • transfer them to the receiving parent


  • choose a payment method if you’re the paying parent, or
  • give us your bank details if you’re the receiving parent

Who can apply

The receiving parent can apply for Child Support Collect.

How it works – paying parent

How much to pay

The child support assessment, agreement or court order sets how much you need to pay. This might be per week, fortnight, month or year.

When to pay

You choose how often to pay. This can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Payments are for the past week, fortnight or month – not in advance. They’re due 7 days after the week, fortnight or month ends.

How to pay

You choose a payment method. We don’t take cash.

Always give your 16 digit payment reference number every time you pay. It’s on your payer account statement.

Call us if you can’t find this number or need more information.

When you get statements

Each month we send you a payer account statement.

If you have a Child Support online account you’ll receive this online. If not you’ll receive it by post.

How it works – receiving parent

How much you’ll get

The child support assessment, agreement or court order sets how much needs to be paid. This might be per week, fortnight, month or year. 

When you’ll get it

We transfer the money to you on any business day on or after the 8th of each month.

We can only do this when:

  • we get it from the paying parent
  • there’s at least $5.00 to transfer, and
  • we have your correct bank details

Payments are for the month that just ended – not in advance.

How you’ll get it

We transfer payments to the Australian bank account you choose.

You must give us the correct bank details:

  • branch number (BSB)
  • account number, and
  • account name

If we pay into the wrong account we may not be able to get the money back for you.

We may be able to send your payments by cheque if you:

  • live overseas, and
  • can’t use an Australian bank account

When you'll get email alerts

We can let you know through your Child Support online account when we transfer money to you.

Just log in to your account and sign up for email alerts.

If you don’t already have one, set up a Child Support online account.

How to tell us about changes

Tell us straight away about any changes that may affect child support. This can include changes to your contact details, care arrangements or income.

You can do this by:

Delays telling us about the change may result in a debt or an overpayment.

Page last updated: 29 August 2018