Child support assessment

Ending an assessment

There are a few reasons why a child support assessment will end.

Child support assessments keep going until one of these things happens:

  • the child turns 18, unless:
    • they’re still in secondary education, and
    • we accept an application to extend child support
  • the child marries or starts living in a marriage like relationship
  • someone else adopts the child
  • the child dies
  • one of the parents in the assessment dies
  • someone else starts caring for the child under child welfare law in South Australia or Western Australia
  • both parents have less than 35% care of the child and there’s no non-parent carer we’ve currently assessed to receive child support
  • we accept the receiving parent’s application to end the assessment
  • we accept a binding child support agreement that ends the assessment
  • the parents have been reconciled for 6 months or more
  • the child is:
    • no longer present in Australia
    • no longer an Australian resident or citizen, and
  • the person entitled to receive child support isn't a resident of a reciprocating jurisdiction
  • the paying parent stops being a resident of Australia or of a reciprocating jurisdiction
  • both parents stop being residents of Australia
  • another child support liability, such as an overseas child support liability, is registered for the same parents and child
  • we get written notice that the receiving parent is now a resident of New Zealand

Page last updated: 30 May 2018