Child Support online accounts

The main way to manage your Child Support payments and details.

If you don't speak English and need help, call the Translating and Interpreting Service.

What you can do

Use your online account to:

  • check when your payments are due and how much you'll get
  • check how much you owe
  • use the Child Support Estimator to predict payments
  • get and send secure messages
  • get some letters from us in your myGov inbox
  • update personal details
  • update bank details
  • update your income estimate
  • tell us about changes in care arrangements for your children
  • tell us if you have received or made a direct payment
  • see past payments

If you live overseas

You can’t do as much through your online account. You can still:


To do your business online, you need a myGov account and a Child Support online account.

Create a myGov account

  1. Go to myGov and select create a myGov account.
  2. Enter your email address and accept the terms of use if you agree.
  3. Enter your confirmation code.
  4. Choose a password and 3 secret questions.
  5. Wait to get your username by email.

Read more and watch the video about how to create a myGov account.

Create a Child Support online account

You can register for a Child Support online account if you have a child support case with us.

Most people can register online. Some customers must register with a staff member. To register for an account online read help using a child support online account.

Link your Child Support online account in myGov

  1. Sign in to your myGov account and select services.
  2. Follow the steps to link your Child Support member service to myGov.

Watch the video and read more on how to link your online account to myGov.

If you can't register online

You can:

We keep all your personal and bank details private. Read about online security.

Log on

Log on to your myGov account and select Child Support from your linked member services.

If you have trouble logging on, check that you're using a supported web browser.

Express Plus Child Support mobile app

You can use your Child Support online account through the Express Plus Child Support mobile app.

Read more about what you can do with the Express Plus Child Support mobile app.

Online open hours

Child Support online accounts are open 24/7. There may be short 15 minute breaks for service updates each day between 2 am and 5 am AEST.

Check customer service changes for any scheduled or unscheduled service interruptions.


Online guides


If you forget your myGov password

Employers and financial institutions

Manage Child Support deductions through Child Support Online Business Services.

Page last updated: 27 August 2017