Express Plus Child Support mobile app

You can do most of your Child Support business with us using our mobile app.

Get started

  1. If you don’t have a myGov account or a Child Support online account you'll need them. Create a myGov account and  register for a Child Support online account.
  2. You’ll then need to link your Child Support online account to myGov. You only need to do this once.

  3. Download the Express Plus Child Support app for your device.

    Download an Express Plus mobile app from the App Store   Download an Express Plus mobile app from Google Play

  4. Sign in with your myGov username and password.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions.
  6. Answer your secret question to set up your 4 digit PIN.

To download to an iPad, change your search to iPhone in the App Store.

Use the app

Use the Express Plus Child Support mobile app to do your business with us online.

You can:

  • check when your payments are due and how much you’ll get
  • check how much you owe and make payments
  • view your assessment details
  • tell us about changes in care arrangements for your children
  • view and print your Child Support letters and attachments
  • view your past payments.

You can also update your personal details and income estimate.

We keep your details safe. Read about your right to privacy.

Access the app

The app is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There may be short breaks for service updates to the app between 2 am and 5 am AEST.

Check customer service changes for any service issues.

Your device

The Express Plus Child Support mobile app is available for:

  • Apple devices with iOS 7 and above
  • Android devices with 4.0 and above.

We recommend you download updates when they’re available. You can change your device settings to allow automatic updates on your device.

If you have an outdated device or operating system, you can either:

This app isn’t available for Windows devices.

Device permissions

For the app to work, we need permission to access your:

  • phone number, this allows you to contact us while using the app
  • camera, this allows you to take photos of documents for upload.

Multiple devices

You can only use the Express Plus Child Support mobile app on 1 device. If you want to use the app on multiple devices you will need to change the PIN each time.

Your new PIN will also apply to your Express Plus Medicare app, if you have it.

Multiple people using a single device

Each person must have their own account in the app for security reasons.

Only 1 person can sign into the app on a device at a time. If someone else wants to use the app on your device, they must sign in with their own myGov details.

Lost or new device

Don’t save your PIN on your device. This will reduce the risk of someone else accessing your account.

If you get a new device, download the app again andcreate a new PIN.


Make sure you logout every time you finish using the app. To logout, select the Side menu then logout.

When you do this, a message will say You have successfully logged out. If you don’t see this message, you haven’t logged out of the app.

The system will log you out if you haven’t used the app for 15 minutes or more.

Get support

Reset your PIN

1. Select Reset PIN from the PIN prompt screen.

You’ll get the message: Are you sure you want to reset your PIN? Select YES.

2. At the Login screen enter your myGov username and password and select Sign In.

3. You’ll go to the terms and conditions. Read them and if you agree, select Accept.

4. You’ll go to the Answer Secret Question screen. Enter your answer, the same one you used for myGov then select Next.

5. You’ll go to the Create your 4-digit PIN screen. Enter a new PIN.  Your new PIN can’t be the same as your old PIN.

6. Confirm your PIN by re-entering the same 4 digits.

Your new PIN will also apply to your Express Plus Medicare app, if you have it.

Don’t give your PIN to anyone. Keep it in a safe place.

Forgotten myGov password or username

If you’ve forgotten your myGov password or username, you can reset them at the myGov website.

Error messages

If you get an error message there are things you can do.

This service is unavailable, please try again later

If you have an Apple device and you get this alert, you can update your device. The app only works with version iOS 7 and above. To find out your version, go to Settings > General > About.

If you have an Android device and you get this alert, you can update your device. The app only works with version 4.0 and above.

You can also and check your signal or wireless connection.

Check the App Store or Google Play for version updates.

If you still get the error message, read about customer service changes.

Session timeout

You’ll get this when your device is inactive for 15 minutes or more. You’ll need to login again. Select OK and log in again.

This is a security measure to protect your information.

Out of memory or insufficient memory

You’ll get this message if your device's memory is full. It may stop you from using some of the app's features. 

Try to create space on your device by:

  • removing apps you don’t use anymore
  • deleting videos from your device.

Crashing or freezing

Turn your device off and on, and check your signal or wireless connection.

Always download updates when they're available. You can allow automatic updates of the app on your device.

Get help

If you need help, you can:

We’ll ask you some questions. You’ll need to know:

  • your Child Support Reference Number
  • if you’ve used the app in the past
  • if you’re using 3G, 4G or a wireless network (Wi-Fi)
  • if you’re using the latest version od the app
  • the type of device and operating system you're using
  • if you’ve set your phone to a foreign language
  • if you can sign in to your Child Support online account - if not, the date you last logged in.

Trademarks and disclaimer

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AndroidTM is a trademark of Google Inc.

Page last updated: 14 November 2018

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