Australian Immunisation Register

Making corrections

It’s up to you to make sure we have all your details right on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR).

You need to check your immunisation history statement carefully.

You can’t update your own vaccine details on the AIR. You’ll need to ask your vaccination provider to update it.

Find out how to get an immunisation history statement.

Personal details

If your or your child’s name or date of birth are not correct you will need to come into a service centre.

If your details are incorrect on the register they may also be wrong on your Medicare card. Read more about how to update your personal details on a Medicare card.

If you’re not eligible for Medicare and need to update your details, call the AIR enquiries line.

Missing vaccines

There are a few ways your vaccination provider can update your record. One way is to update it using the AIR site. If they use the AIR site, you will see the change on your statement straight away. Other methods take longer. This means you may not see it on your statement straight after you get your vaccine. We’ll update your statement as soon as we get the details.

If you had your vaccine more than 1 month ago, remind your vaccination provider to update the AIR. The fastest way for your vaccination provider to update your record is online.

Overdue immunisations reminder letter

Parents get reminder letters when their children are overdue for immunisations.

If you get a reminder letter for your child, check the letter to see what immunisations are overdue. Visit your vaccination provider and talk to them about getting your child up to date.

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