Australian Immunisation Register

Managing your preferences

You can choose not to get letters from the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). You can also stop others seeing your or your child's immunisation history on the AIR.

You can opt out of:

  • getting letters from the AIR
  • letting vaccination providers see your immunisation history
  • letting vaccination providers see your child’s immunisation history, if they’re under 14.

Keep in mind, if you choose not to share your immunisation history, even your GP can’t see your records. Your GP might have to ask you questions if they can’t see your immunisation history.

How to do this

Fill in and send the Australian Immunisation Register – Ceasing correspondence and release of information form. The instructions and address are on the form.

When your child turns 14

You can’t opt out for your child after they turn 14. Your child must opt out for themselves if they choose.

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