Australian Immunisation Register

Why you need immunisation

It’s a simple, safe and effective way of protecting against harmful diseases.

Protect yourself, your family and others

The more people immunised, the less chance some diseases have to spread.

If you’re not immunised you may put people’s health at risk, especially:

  • babies
  • young children
  • frail older people
  • those who have compromised immune systems

You can read more on the Department of Health Get the facts, immunisation saves lives website.

Why you need the AIR

The AIR makes it easy to check:

  • vaccines you’ve had
  • vaccines you need
  • when your vaccines are due
  • where your child’s up to with the early childhood vaccination schedule

Catch up vaccination to meet the schedule

To get some family assistance payments your child up to 20 years old must be up to date with the National Immunisation schedule. Read more about the schedule on the Department of Health website.

It’s easy to catch up on vaccines you or your child have missed. People up to 20 years old can catch up on missed vaccines for free. Ask your vaccination provider what to do.

Page last updated: 12 May 2018