Australian Immunisation Register

A record of your vaccinations.

The Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) used to be the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register.

You need to know

About the AIR

The Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) used to be the ACIR.

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Why you need immunisation

It’s a simple, safe and effective way of protecting against harmful diseases.

Protect yourself, your family and others

The more people are immunised, the less chance some diseases have to spread.

If you’re not immunised you may put people’s health at risk, especially:

  • babies
  • young children
  • frail older people
  • those who have compromised immune systems

Why you need the AIR

It’s easy to forget or confuse vaccines. The AIR makes it easy to check:

  • vaccines you’ve had
  • vaccines you need
  • when your vaccines are due
  • where your child’s up to with the early childhood vaccination schedule

It’s not too late

It’s easy to catch up on missed vaccines. Ask your vaccination provider what to do.

Check your immunisation history statement.

For some family payments your children must be on track with the National Immunisation Program Schedule on the Department of Health website.

Valid reasons for exemptions

There must be a valid medical reason not to get a vaccine.

The only 2 reasons are if you got anaphylaxis after:

  • a previous dose of the vaccine
  • a dose of any component of the vaccine

Other reasons may apply for live vaccines.

Reasons that don’t count

These aren’t valid exemptions:

  • a mild illness without fever
  • a family history of issues after a vaccine
  • a history of convulsions
  • treatment with antibiotics or local steroids
  • replacement corticosteroids
  • asthma, eczema, atrophy, hay fever
  • a low weight for a healthy child
  • a neurological condition such as cerebral palsy or Down Syndrome
  • you’re breastfeeding your child

Who can grant an exemption

Only your general practitioner can grant an exemption.

Your doctor needs to fill in and send us a completed and signed Australian Immunisation Register - Immunisation medical exemption form. We will record the reason for your exemption on the AIR.

Getting on the AIR

You don’t need to do anything to get on the AIR.

If you’re in Medicare

You and your children are automatically on it.

If you’re not in Medicare

We’ll put you on the AIR when a vaccination provider sends us details of any vaccines you get.

Existing customers

Who uses the Australian Immunisation Register

Many people use the AIR.

All people living in Australia

Can use it to:

  • prove you have had certain vaccines
  • check your or your child’s immunisation history
  • check where your child’s up to with the National Immunisation Program (NIP) Schedule on the Department of Health website - this is important for some kinds of family payments and access to child care and school

If you’ve had a vaccine after 30 September 2016, or if your child had a NIP schedule vaccine that’s not on the AIR, contact your vaccination provider and ask them to send the details to us.

If you’ve had vaccines when overseas, talk to your vaccination provider who may be able to record it on the AIR.

State and territory health departments

Can use it to see:

  • immunisation coverage
  • identify regions at risk during disease outbreaks

Vaccination providers

Can use it to check which vaccines you’ve had, when and if you’re overdue for any. They can record new vaccines they give you.

Opting out

The AIR makes it easy for you and your doctor to check:

  • all your past vaccines on the AIR
  • when you had your vaccines
  • when the next vaccines are due
  • if you’re part of an immunisation trial
  • If you have exemptions

You can opt out of:

  • getting letters from the AIR
  • letting others see your vaccination history
  • letting others see your child’s vaccination history - if they’re under 14 and in your care

If you choose to opt out of sharing your vaccination history, even your GP can’t see your records.

How to do this

Fill in and send the Australian Immunisation Register – Ceasing correspondence and release of information form. The address is on the form.

When your child turns 14

Your choice to opt out for your child ends when they turn 14. They can then opt out for themselves if they choose.

Immunisation history statement

Your immunisation history statement tells you:

  • all your past vaccines on the AIR
  • when you had your vaccines
  • when the next vaccines are due
  • any overdue vaccines
  • if you’re part of an immunisation trial
  • if you have exemptions

How to get it

You can:

Your child’s immunisation history statement

You can get your child’s statement if they’re under 14.

Because of privacy rules, anyone aged 14 or older has to get their own. They can do this:

Why it’s useful

You can:

  • keep track of your and your child’s vaccines
  • see if any vaccines are overdue
  • prove your child has had what they need to access child care or school
  • check if they’ve had what they need for Child Care Benefit, Child Care Rebate and Family Tax Benefit Part A supplement

Add overseas vaccinations

If you or your child have had vaccines overseas you should get them added to the AIR.

How to do this

Find records that show you had the vaccines.

Take these to your vaccination provider and ask them to update the AIR.


After we update the AIR, the vaccines will be on your immunisation history statement.

Documents in other languages

If your records are in another language you’ll need to get them translated into English and may need to give this to your vaccination provider. Read about the Free Translating Service on the Department of Social Services website.

Correcting the AIR

It’s up to you to make sure we have all your details right on the AIR. You need to check your Immunisation History Statement carefully.

Missing vaccine

If you had the vaccine less than 1 month ago, we may be waiting for the details to come from your vaccination provider. We’ll update your Immunisation History Statement as soon as we get them.

If you had your vaccine more than 1 month ago, remind your vaccination provider to update us.

Other details

Call Medicare’s general enquiries line to update other details, including name, address or date of birth.


Immunise Australia Program

The federal Department of Health runs the Immunise Australia Program. It funds free vaccines through the National Immunisation Program.

What it includes

It includes:

  • early childhood vaccines
  • the flu vaccine if you’re pregnant, 65 years or older, or have a medical condition that increases your risk of serious complications from getting the flu
  • the shingles vaccine for 70-79 year olds
  • a range of vaccines for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Read about the program on the Department of Health website.

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