Continence Aids Payment Scheme


You need to meet eligibility requirements to get a Continence Aids Payment, and how much you'll get.

To get paid under the Continence Aids Payment Scheme (CAPS) you must:

  • be 5 years or older, and
  • have permanent and severe bladder or bowel incontinence

You must also have either:

Who can’t get it

You can’t get CAPS if:

  • you have temporary, not permanent and severe incontinence
  • your incontinence is treatable or is night time bed wetting only
  • you’re living in an Australian Government funded aged care home, and you have been assessed with a high Aged Care Funding Instrument rating in any category, or a medium in 2 categories
  • you have a DVA Gold Card or White Card, and can get help through the DVA Rehabilitation Appliances Program
  • you're an Australian Government funded home care recipient and your plan includes continence support
  • you have a funding package from the National Disability Insurance Scheme that includes continence aids
  • you’re in prison, or
  • you’ve been living overseas for 3 or more years in a row
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