External Breast Prostheses Reimbursement Program

Help with the cost of breast prosthesis after breast cancer surgery, up to a maximum of $400 for each prosthesis.

Eligibility basics

  • you’re enrolled in Medicare
  • you’ve had breast surgery as a result of breast cancer
  • you haven’t claimed under this program in the past 2 years

Eligibility & payment rates


You can get a reimbursement for an external breast prosthesis if you've had breast surgery, prophylactic or a preventative mastectomy.

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Reimbursement amount

You can claim a reimbursement of up to $400 for an external breast prosthesis for each breast.

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Time limits

You can claim for prostheses you purchased after 1 July 2008.

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Check if you're eligible before you start your claim.


  • find out what you need before you start your claim
  • choose your claiming option
  • provide supporting documents
  • submit your claim
  • we’ll assess your claim and let you know the outcome


Managing your payment


The program doesn’t cover other items such as bras, post breast surgery swimwear or internal prostheses.


Other information sources

There are other breast cancer support services to help you.

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Page last updated: 1 November 2017