Medicare Bulk Billing

Where the doctor bills Medicare directly for a medical or allied health service that you get.

Eligibility basics

  • be enrolled in Medicare, and
  • have a Medicare card 

Using bulk billing

It is up to the health professional to choose to offer you a bulk billed service.

If you’re bulk billed, you assign your right to the Medicare benefit to the health professional by:

  • signing a form, or
  • press OK on the EFTPOS terminal after your appointment

You won’t pay any fees and you'll get a copy of the assignment form.

If you have more than one service in a visit, you may not be bulk billed for everything.

Read about Medicare services.

You need a Medicare card to be bulk billed. If you aren't enrolled in Medicare, fill in a Medicare enrolment form.

If your Medicare card is lost, stolen or damaged, you need to get a new one. Read more about how to replace a lost, stolen or damaged Medicare card.

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