Medicare card

How to update your personal details

You can update your address, contact details and bank account online. To change your name, date of birth or gender, you need to visit a service centre.

Update your details online

You can update your address, contact details and bank account using:

If you don’t have a Medicare online account, create a myGov account and link to Medicare. This will create your Medicare online account.

Once you've created a Medicare online account, you can download and update your details using the Express Plus Medicare mobile app.

If you need help with your Medicare online account, read our online account guides.

Update your name or date of birth

Visit a service centre to change your name or date of birth on your Medicare record.

Updating your name

To change your name, bring proof of your new name. This could be your:

  • current passport
  • birth certificate – if you’re going back to your maiden name
  • reissued birth certificate in the new name
  • current proof of age card
  • current driver licence
  • non-commemorative marriage certificate, including a foreign marriage certificate translated to English, or
  • certificate of name change

If your name has changed, we'll update your Medicare record and send you a new card in the mail. You can also view the details of your card using:

Updating your date of birth

To change your date of birth, bring your:

  • birth certificate
  • current driver licence, or
  • current passport

Update your gender

Visit a service centre to change your gender in your Medicare record. Bring us:

  • a statement from a registered medical practitioner or psychologist
  • a valid Australian Government travel document, such as a passport, that shows your gender
  • an Australian State or Territory birth certificate that shows your gender, or
  • an Australian State or Territory Gender Recognition Certificate or Recognised Details Certificate from a State or Territory Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages, which has accepted the change in sex

You don’t need to have sex reassignment surgery or hormone therapy to change your gender.

You live in a remote area or are sick

You can send us a signed request to make changes only if:

  • you live in an area remote from a service centre, or
  • there’s a medical reason for not attending

You’ll need to tell us in writing why you can’t attend a service centre.

Post your request and certified copies of your documents to us. If you’re changing your name, you must send us your:

  • Medicare card with your previous name on it and
  • request for a new card

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Australians

You need to prove your identity to enrol in Medicare or change your Medicare details. If you don't have standard identity documents you can use a referee instead.

To use a referee you need to complete the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Medicare enrolment and amendment form. The referee needs to fill in and sign the referee statement and declaration section of the form. You can find details about who can act as a referee on the form.

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